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Student Academic Achievement 1
Student Academic Achievement 2
Great results for our students, in 2022

"Hi Pina, I know it's late but I'm really excited and wanted to let you know about my son's report.

In maths he went from Basic in semester 1 report to high in semester two. He is so excited, thank you for bringing him along on this journey.”

"Pacific Tutoring and it's amazing, friendly mentors have aided my journey throughout high school for the past 4 years, greatly boosting my skills and knowledge from an inexperienced year 9 student with a dream to a year 12 graduate about to enter law school. Without the support and help from Pina, I could not have achieved the HSC results or received the ATAR I did. This has been an amazing experience and I strongly recommend it for every student. 10/10.”

"Our son did very well indeed... and he basically was near the bottom of the maths class in year 8 with D's and E's and came first in year 9 when we got him to see you.... that's a nice story in itself and then to get band 5 in HSC advanced maths too..

If we would have relied upon the school system we would have got nowhere”

"Thank you so much Pina for teaching me throughout this year! I'm super happy with my results and you really helped to push me into that higher band for English. Thank you!! EngAd 85.5, MathSt2 89.5"

“Thank you Pina for tutoring me from Year 7-12! I went from getting C's before I started at Pacific Tutoring to getting placed in the top class every year since with 20/20 essays. 

I ended up achieving a 93 Band 6 in English Advanced. I wouldn't have been able to do this without the skills Pina taught me which enabled me to get the ATAR for my dream course at my dream uni!”

After our daughter’s long term HSC English Tutor could not continue, we struggled for some time to find a suitable tutor for the final 6 months leading up to the HSC exams.

Pina at Pacific Tutoring was flexible, available and offered the required support we needed leading up to the exams.

Pina provided valuable feedback for practice assessments and personalised her tutoring for the precise texts our daughter studied.

We are extremely grateful for our experience with Pacific Tutoring.

"My son has been with Pina at Pacific tutoring over the past 4 years.
From year 7 thru to year 10.
During this time Pina has been great, My son has enjoyed going to tutoring as much as a teenage boy is going to enjoy tutoring.
My son has Dyslexia and while Pina pushed him to do his best she also understood his struggles.
Pina was always in contact with myself regarding school exams and getting information from school to assist with what was best to be tutoring.
We had tutoring in both Maths and English over this period.
I would not hesitate to recommend Pina for tutoring.
Thanks Again Pina.”

"Hi Pina, 
I just wanted to let you know that my daughter received an award for Maths today at her end of Year Awards assembly. I am so happy that all her hard work & yours has paid off. Given that when she first started with you she could barely do Year 5 Maths now going into Year 9 she is up to where her peers are. She  has gone from getting a D & E in Maths to a C & a magical B. I am so proud of her achievement & so pleased that her teachers are also rewarding that. 
Thank you so much for believing in my daughter & giving her the confidence she has today. 

From one very happy mum.”

“Hi Pina

I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how very proud I was when I received a call this week from my son’s Oakhill Maths teacher telling me that he achieved high marks in his Maths exam. I was extremely happy and proud to see that my investment in him is achieving results. Off course this was not possible without your assistance in guiding him, having the patience and putting a structure in place which is paying off. I hope my son keeps this level of enthusiasm, focus and momentum and wanted to send you an e-mail to thank you for all your efforts considering where my son was when he first started and the great improvement and achievement I can see in him.Thank you very much and as discussed I am happy to enrol him into additional time slots during his upcoming exams.

Take care”

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