School Tutoring News 2021-2022

2021 HSC examinations; 01-04-2021 last date to apply for disability provisions.

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“This program is designed to have maximum impact on student outcomes, because small-group tuition rapidly accelerates student learning.” 

Published: 10 November 2020

Released by: The Premier



NAPLAN Testing 11th-21st May 2021

For Years 3 & 5, the online test sequence:

  1. writing (paper for Year 3 only)

  2. reading

  3. spelling, grammar and punctuation

  4. numeracy.


For Years 7 & 9, the online test sequence:

  1. reading (day 1 or after writing)

  2. writing (day 2)

  3. conventions of language

  4. numeracy.                 


Resources for Carers and Parents

ABC Education

NAPLAN Test Papers

Well-being support Services

Year 5 Entry to Opportunity Class in 2022

Application site closes 07/05/21

Opportunity Placement Test is 21/07/21

Results issued overnight on 01/10/21

OC and Selective School Testing 2021

Examination date is 11/03/2021. 

Results issued after 6pm 2nd July 2021.


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